5.5 Audiovisual Material

February 10, 2021 - 2:04pm by Anonymous (not verified)

All optical media should be processed as electronic files.

If audiovisual materials are present in a collection, the archivist should query the digital tracking database to identify if any recordings have been reformatted. In some cases, reference copies for uncataloged collections were not integrated with the rest of the collection, and processing provides an opportunity to do so.

Formats often found in collections

  • Sound recordings: audiocassette, reel-to reel tape, CD, Mini disc, and record albums (there are various phonodisc formats, including 12”, 10”, 7”, Dictaphone discs, autograph discs, 16” transcription discs). Less commonly are wire and cylinder sound recordings.
  • Video recordings: videocassette (VHS, U-matic, BetaMax, Beta SP, DigiBeta, Hi 8, Mini DV), and DVD. Less common are early open reel videotape of various sizes.
  • Film: 8mm film, Super 8 film, 16mm film, and 35mm film. Less common is 9.5mm.

Please contact the Preservation Department with any questions about these or other formats