5.5.4 Shelving and Additional Resources

February 10, 2021 - 2:11pm by Anonymous (not verified)

Shelving locations:

Most audiovisual material is shelved at LSF.  Exceptions include:

  • Audio discs (i.e. LPs, etc.), which are stored upright in designated shelving (Record Album Storage) in the stacks in Beinecke’s Wall Street building.
  • Items that need colder storage than what LSF provides. However, the library’s cold storage facility is not currently operational, so for the time being this material is also shelved at LSF. 
  • Preservation note: it is best for audiovisual material to remain at a constant temperature.  Audiovisual material is designated restricted fragile and therefore we do not expect it to be called from LSF.  If it is necessary to access this material, please coordinate with the Preservation Coordination Librarian to ensure its safe transfer. 

Additional Resources:

Handling and storage