9.9 Lifting Restrictions in Processed Collections

February 10, 2021 - 10:34am by Anonymous (not verified)

After the curator has reviewed sealed materials and given the go-ahead to open previously restricted files, several “cleanup” tasks must be completed:

  1. Process the material to current standards of arrangement, housing and description if they are not already processed. Create new folders and labels to replace the labels that designate the material “restricted.”
  2. Edit the finding aid, converting any references to the former restrictions to a Processing Note referencing specifically (i.e., by name and box/folder number(s)) the previously restricted material, and giving the date the restriction was lifted. Expand Series descriptions as needed. Be careful not to remove notes that may apply to any restrictions that still are in effect for other material in the collection. For an example, see the Richard Wright Papers (JWJ MSS 3).
  3. Update the Orbis catalog record. References to the restrictions in the 506 or 540 fields should be deleted, and a MFHD 852 |x note describing the deletion of the 506/40 field(s) should be added. See the Manuscript Unit Catalog Cataloging Manual for specifics.
  4. For YCAL collections, make sure the YCAL “Bible” has been updated. If it has not, notify the curator.